Thursday, June 11, 2015

Quinn: The Love I'll Never Have.

On Quinn: "The Wings of Demacia have returned!" Howled a soldier perched on one of the towers of the main gate to Demacia. My smile spread from ear to ear, I would see my closest friend again. I haven't seen her in precisely a year, two months, and 29 days. Scouting the northern lands of Freljord must have been difficult, but never mind that. I get to see the beautiful, ever so confident blue eyes of hers, and that fiery red hair, but most importantly, a soul I grew to know, love, and cherish. I strapped my crossbow to my belt and headed out to meet her. There she was, walking her way to the gates. I walked out to the wide plains of Demacia, past the cheering Demacians and embraced her in my arms as tight as I could. "Welcome back, Quinn. You've been missed." I smiled intently before her jealous bird pecked my hand off of her. Valor liked no one other than Quinn. Quinn laughed and scolded Valor, but judging by the piercing looks, Valor cared little for her words. He was intent on protecting from everyone. How saddening it is, wanting to be with her so bad, but knowing that her life-long friend in Valor would never allow it. Hell, he barely accepts me as her friend. What a cruel world.

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