Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Miss University

I miss university already. I forgot that university numbed a lot of my pains. It was the harbor that anchored my ships of torment and depression. Once the dark phantoms that kept the harbor alive go to rest, the harbingers of pain blow their chirped horns; announcing the play time of my inner demons. Oh I wish you could see their smile. How tantalizing and seductive their bloody black lips look. Before I knew it, I fell captive under their spell, drawn to them like bees to flowers. Unfortunately, they never kept their promise. Here I am now, enslaved by them, forced to serve their every whim until the next morning comes, and the light dawns upon the harbor once more, forcing the demons back to their pits of darkness, and burning the fetters that chained me at night. This is the plea of a slave to the creator of light. Please make university come sooner. Save me from my own darkness. Save me from my demise.

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